History of the faculty

The Faculty of Pharmacy has been playing a worthy role in the training of qualified personnel in the country’s healthcare sector for many years of its activity. The Faculty has 3 specialized departments (Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Management and Pharmaceutical Economics), computer classrooms, language labs, classrooms with electronic whiteboards, specialized libraries and modern specialized laboratories. At the faculty, students study in 3 specialties: pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry technology and technology of fatty products, essential oils, perfumes and cosmetics.

Currently, 950 students study at the faculty, 25 of them are foreign students from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Educational conditions, access to educational literature, material and technical base at the faculty fully meet the existing requirements of the industry, students conduct practical classes, educational and production practices in pharmaceutical institutions of the city of Dushanbe and in the centers of the regions.

The Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Pharmacy, along with scientific and educational cooperation with scientific and educational medical centers of the Republic of Tajikistan, also has scientific and educational ties with the National Pharmaceutical University of Kharkiv of Ukraine, Peoples’ Friendship University of Moscow named after Patrice Lumumba, Pharmaceutical Academy of Pyatigorsk, First State Medical University named after I.M.Sechenov, Pharmaceutical Academy of St. Petersburg, National Medical University of Kharkiv, Ukraine. Along with training on the basis of specialized departments on topical issues of the pharmaceutical industry, research work has been established, in which students also participate.

Over the years, the teaching staff of specialized departments has developed and published 62 titles of textbooks and teaching aids in the Tajik language. Due to the teaching staff of the faculty, 2 people have defended their doctoral dissertation and 5 people have defended their candidate’s dissertation over the years, 3 people have passed the threshold and are on the threshold of defense. For long and impeccable work, 2 teachers of the faculty were awarded the medal “For Merit”. 2 people were awarded the Ismoil Somoni Award, 1 was awarded the “Excellent Student of Education” emblem, and 1 was awarded the “Excellent Student of Healthcare” emblem.

Graduates of the Faculty work in all areas of healthcare in the country, including the State Medical Supervision and Social Protection Services of the Republic of Tajikistan, medical colleges, specialized faculties of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Tajik National University and the Tajik Medical University named after A. Sin.

Graduates of the specialties of the Faculty of Pharmacy are mobilized for professional pharmaceutical activities in the field of medicines and cosmetology, including processing, production, state registration, certification, standardization and quality control, sale of medicinal and cosmetic materials. Also, graduates of the faculty have the right to perform the following works: preparation, verification and registration of medicinal and cosmetic materials, improvement of existing medicines based on modern technologies, biopharmaceutical research and control methods in accordance with the system of international requirements and standards, production of products from substances and pharmaceutical materials, management of pharmaceutical organizations and institutions, quality control medicinal and cosmetic materials, management of the activities of cosmetology organizations and institutions, etc. It is safe to say that today the Pharmaceutical faculty of the Tajik National University trains personnel who meet the labor market and contributes to the development of the country’s healthcare sector. Applicants wishing to become specialists in the field of pharmacy in the future, acquire industry knowledge at the proper level, use modern laboratories and equipment in the process of training, can choose the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Tajik National